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Pitt-Stop Magnesium Deodorant (Lavender) - 4 Pack

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Our deodorant journey began with our original Pitt Stop Deodorant which used essential oils and baking soda to provide odor protection for an average of 48 hours under normal working conditions. But as always, we challenged ourselves more with this one question: Can you make an unscented deodorant that lasts up to 48 hours? After extensive research on the benefits of magnesium and months of product testing, we are proud to release an all natural deodorant that can be scented with almost any scent, rolls on smoother, and still provides the extended odor protection offered by the original Pitt Stop formula. We are still finalizing which scents will be permanently offered, so if you have a favorite, be sure to contact us or let us know in the comments section below. This listing is for the Pitt Stop Lavender Magnesium Deodorant. A note on detoxing: Magnesium is a detoxing agent… meaning it pulls toxins from the body. Which is great, but sometimes when switching to a magnesium deodorant it can actually detox too quickly causing odor or irritation. We recommend switching to magnesium deodorant by alternating every other day for a few days to help slow the detoxing action. If you notice extra stink at the beginning bear with it for a few days while your body “dumps the junk”.